Dental Tourism in Albania

Elite Dental Your Dental Care In Albania Having Fun Discovering Our Land.

Dental Tourism in Albania

Discover the gem of the Balkans and take care of your oral health at the same time. Dental tourism in Albania is synonymous with quality with Elite Dental. Come as a patient and leave as a friend!

Albania with its magnificent landscapes, infinite natural resources, fabulous coast, is already a favorite destination for many tourists. Among the most important phenomena of recent times is that of dental tourism, which has identified a growing number of foreigners or migrants in search of dental clinics for their oral health.

Plan your holidays in beautiful Albania and at the same time get the best quality service for your oral health.

Elite Dental is the right choice for you.

We take care of you during your stay. In addition to a beautiful smile, you will visit Albania.

Dental tourism in Albania with Elite Dental implies dental treatment in a few days, at very advantageous prices, with high quality materials, provided by qualified dentists in our clinic. Our clinic is located in the center of Tirana in a modern and welcoming building.

Our offer contains:

  • After leaving Albania, we provide medical assistance by telephone, e-mail or video conference.
  • Transport organized from the airport and to the hotel or clinic by the driver, as well as return to the airport at the time of the flight
  • Guided tours in Italian / English / French in the tourist attractions of Tirana
  • Free TAC3D

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Elite Dental – Dental Tourism


The equipment of our clinic is of the latest generation. Furthermore, only the best international brands are used for prosthetics and implants. Our mission is to provide all those who choose Elite Dental with a very affordable, quality and personalized dental service for every type of need and concern. We guarantee an economic treatment but of the highest quality.

At Elite Dental you will find a dedicated and passionate staff to best answer any questions you may have. Plan your next visit to the dentist thinking you can visit Albania and get quality dental care. We guarantee the highest standards of hygiene, professionalism and safety thanks to our materials which are all CE certified.

The solutions we offer are suitable for various problems you may have in your mouth. Dental problems are many, but Elite Dental will recommend the right dental care for you. The experience and professionalism of our doctors will give you back the security you have lost. This is because for Elite Dental dental tourism in Albania is synonymous with professionalism.

 Albania has so much to offer”


Despite being a small country (the surface of this pearl of the Balkans is slightly larger than that of Puglia), perhaps a whole month would not be enough to see all its breathtaking landscapes.


“The list of places to visit in Albania is long and varied: there is something for everyone..”

If you love beaches, Albania is the right place for you. The coast of Vlora in Saranda offers beautiful nature and the beaches in Albania have nothing less than the beaches of neighboring Greece.

But Albania also means mountain and historic cities protected by Unesco; castles, remote monasteries, fresh water springs, natural parks and many, many intoxicating natures.

During your holidays in Albania, you will not know what to choose first.

“The food is delicious”

Albanian food is little to say delicious: you can enjoy traditional Albanian dishes such as minced casserole, lamb and beef cooked in terracotta, famous Albanian meatballs, delicious gnocchi cake made from rice wrapped in a vine leaf or spinach, bowls, national dish beef or lamb.

Not to mention the delicious cheeses, from kacavali to goat cheese.

“People are so nice” 

Although this country has not enjoyed the best reputation over the years, security in Albania should not be part of the concerns. The Albanian people are extremely kind and welcoming and – listen, listen – speak almost all Italian and English, especially young people.


Here people, especially young people, grew up watching Italian television. In Tirana you can easily get anywhere and speak Italian or English directly.


Let yourself be captivated by the beauties of these rich people in history and culture


Risparmia fino al 70% con Dentisti in Albania



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