What is dental implantology?

Implantology is that branch of dentistry that involves the replacement of missing teeth with artificial roots inserted into the bone.

Implants can replace single teeth (crown on implant), groups of teeth (crowns on implants), or they can also act as a support for a denture. Dental implantology today represents a predictable and reliable therapeutic solution over time, associated with a very high success rate

What is the dental implant made off?

Nowadays the most used systems worldwide are made up of titanium.

Titanium is a bio-inert metal that in contact with the bone does not cause any “rejection” reaction because it does not have any proteins and does not trigger any immune reaction. Furthermore, titanium does not even cause reactions from foreign bodies because it is able to establish with Il bone tissue a direct connection, the so-called “osseointegration”

Are dental implants 100% successful?

Although titanium is an exceptional material, it happens that for

reasons that are still not fully known today, in a percentage of less than 5% the implants undergo a failure or a bad (or absent) trend of the integration process of the artificial structure in the organic bone tissues.

However, it is often possible to insert a new one after the removal of an implant in the same site.

Are transplant and implant the same thing?

The bone graft commonly referred to by patients as “transplant

bone” is the operation performed to increase the amount of bone present at the level of one or more locations of the dental arches and is usually performed in order to insert one or more titanium implants which will then support the artificial teeth.

The “implant”, on the other hand, is the artificial root that is used to support the artificial crowns.


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